Physicochemical properties, indices and descriptors for amino-acid sequences.

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Overview is a pure-Python package to compute common descriptors for protein sequences. It started as a port of Peptides, the R package written by Daniel Osorio for the same purpose, but now also provides some more features from EMBOSS, ExPASy Protein Identification and Analysis Tools, and Rcpi. This library has no external dependency and is available for all modern Python versions (3.6+).

A non-exhaustive list of available features:


Run pip install peptides in a shell to download the latest release, or have a look at the Installation page to find other ways to install



This library is provided under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The original R Peptides package was written by Daniel Osorio, Paola Rondón-Villarreal and Rodrigo Torres, and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.0.

This project is in no way not affiliated, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by the original Peptides authors. It was developed by Martin Larralde during his PhD project at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Zeller team.